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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

California residents can take comfort in the numerous services provided by A Better Today for those seeking recover. Regardless of the substance, be it alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, we are here for you. We're here to help. Learn More  

Detox & Withdrawals

Before you start your recovery, you need to detox. Detoxification is when the harmful chemicals in alcohol or drugs are able to leave the system, allowing for a clear mind during treatment. Learn more  


If you have a friend or family member who needs help, but refuses to admit they have a problem, you may need to use an intervention. You or a professional interventionist may be able to bring help to your loved ones and get help them to understand the severity of their condition. Learn more  

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Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs or call us at: (661) 220-5115.
Addiction is the re-wiring of the brain into a continued pattern of repeated use. Addiction itself is not a choice, as it impairs the ability to make decisions.
If you find that you need more and more of a substance to get the same effect, or if you feel sick after ceasing the substance, there is probable cause that you are addicted.
Addiction can be extremely hazardous to nearly every aspect of your life. Oftentimes, addiction causes immense damage in one's relationships, as well as your own emotional and mental state. In addiction, there are numerous health risks from drug and alcohol use that pose the chance of seizures, psychosis, coma or death.
Our attending counselors and case manager are fully committed to keeping your information confidential and secure. You never have to worry about word getting out that you are in treatment.
It can be difficult deciding whether inpatient or outpatient care is better for you. While inpatient care is generally proven to be more effective, there have been cases where outpatient treatment is just as efficient. It all really depends on your own preference.
Even if you cannot afford treatment, you may be eligible to have a large portion of your treatment paid for. In some cases, people have been able to have their treatment completely covered by their insurance.
Many individuals find that it is extremely helpful to go to a treatment center that is out of town (or even out of state). That way, there are no familiar distractions or triggers that would impede to the recovery process.

Get Clean in Lancaster with A Better Today

Lancaster, CA falls prey to the same predator as every other city in the world: addiction. Drugs and alcohol can affect anyone, of any age or gender, leaving them feeling hopeless, trapped, and suffering. Though it may seem unfeasible at the time, addiction CAN be fought and the day can be won, and Drug Rehab Lancaster has the staff and experience to help you. You or your loved ones can end the cycle of abuse. Since alcoholism and drug addiction has been confirmed as a disease, and must be treated like any disease, insurance can cover your stay at a rehab center with therapies for substance abuse. We will ensure the best care is given to the clients of Lancaster. Call and speak with an expert in addiction in Lancaster today.

Rehab Designed for Every Client

Drug Rehab Lancaster knows the rehabilitation process is the most effective when each and every client receives a personalized treatment plan to suit his or her needs. It’s all too commonplace for rehab facilities to prescribe each and every addict the exact same kind of treatment, regardless of their situation or what substance they abuse. Drug Rehab Lancaster, California customizes treatment plans to suit the requirements of their clients, creating an ideal setting for their clients to combat drug addiction. In order to give clients the very best quality of care, Drug Rehab Lancaster delivers group and individual counseling, physical activity, access 12-step classes, a compassionate aftercare team, and spacious accommodations to live in while their clients navigate the recovery process.

The Benefits of Rehab

Addiction is a disease, and Drug Rehab Centers near Lancaster focuses on both the illness and the poor choices that lead to drug dependency. Physical addiction to alcohol and drugs can sometimes be treated with detox, but psychological dependency is a lot trickier as a result of the negative feelings people experience while hooked on drugs. Drug Rehab Lancaster analyzes the psychological causes of drug abuse so they can customize an optimally efficient treatment program for each and every client. During treatment, clients learn to deal with the physical and psychological results of dependency, and learn to recognize the emotions, locations, and people who enabled their addictions.

Time for Change

With Drug Rehab Lancaster, clients experience a customized treatment that fits them, regardless of their addiction or history. The goal of treatment isn't just to get clean, but to learn to avoid the people and places that might affect a recovering addict to start using again. Many people find rehab to be more effective if they receive treatment far from the old temptations in their hometown, and in a fresh environment. Call (661)220-5115 to get help today.

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