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Detox & Withdrawal Lancaster

Getting Clean Through Detox

Detox Centers in Lancaster help to assist take the first step toward recovery from addiction. Through secure, highly supervised clinical facilities and detox regiments customized for you, they are trained, ready and able to help you get clean and take back your life. Whether you’ve become addicted to alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, Lancaster is the right place to take your first step. By itself detox is NOT treatment, but it is the first, and the right, step towards treatment. Treatments range depending on the substance that is being abused, or if there are multiple substances at work, and the ‘cold turkey’ strategy is not always appropriate. In truth, this can actually be a damaging form of treatment, depending on the substance. This is why Detox Lancaster makes use of proven, safe methods that deal with each and every client with different detox needs. To speak with a Detox Expert in Lancaster, call (661) 220-5115.

What You Should Expect

Highly individualized procedures are delivered by Detox Lancaster’s expert, well trained staff. There are three stages the client can expect: First each and every client is reviewed in order to figure out which substance, or substances, are being abused to the point of addiction. It’s not unusual for addicts to be on several narcotics at the same time, often combined with alcohol, which can greatly affect the method the staff uses to best help the client. After the patient is thoroughly evaluated the staff will help you begin the detox process, which will remove the drugs and alcohol from your body and clean out your system, making you sober. Once purged of all destructive substances, Lancaster will help their now clean clients enter into a custom designed program for treatment to support lasting, permanent health.

Treatment is Important, Here’s Why

Mental disorders can co-occur and greatly complicate the recovery process if they have not been accurately and swiftly diagnosed during treatment. Without a clear understanding of the habit, an addict will always find themselves surrounded by triggers, they don’t know where else to go. Familiar scenarios, familiar people can act as triggers and these things can send someone plummeting into a relapse, destroying any and all hard work done to recover from addiction. Treatment will help keep you away from these triggers, and it will also teach you how to cope with and resist these triggers in the future. Location is an important factor for the recovery process: fresh environments, far removed from familiar triggers have shown to make recovery that much easier for someone struggling to rid themselves of an addiction.

Relapse is a lot more commonplace when people take part in detox only, so Detox Lancaster encourages their clients to precede into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehabilitation treatment programs to start drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab enhances detox, encouraging the recovering addict to remain clean and sober.  Group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and wonderful, relaxing accommodations all contribute to the recovery procedure.  These environments are comfortable, in an effort to reduce the temptation to use drugs, but also keep people busy with programs designed to assist them achieve their sobriety goals. Hobbies and keeping your mind and body active have shown to be greatly successful.